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Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?
Can a Greenstar Oil boiler be used with the existing conventional flue?
Should I turn my oil boiler off when my oil tank is being filled?
What can cause an oil boilers burner to lockout?
Should I have my heating system treated or cleansed?
Can I fit the Wave thermostat myself?
Do I need an additional room thermostat or timer to use the Wave?
How do I get the Wave app on my smart phone or tablet?
How often should I need to top up the pressure in the heating system?
The heating system is constantly losing pressure what should I do?
What is pluming?
Will I receive anything in writing when I have a new boiler installed?
What sort of shower can I run off my combi boiler?
What ventilation do I need?
Why is the hot water produced by my combi boiler sometimes cloudy?
What are timers, programmers and programmable room thermostats?
How efficient are air source heat pumps?
How could mains water pressure affect my combi boiler?
Can heat pumps heat swimming pools?
Do you recommend treatment of the central heating water?
How does part L of the Building Regulations affect my boiler installation?
What do the error symbols mean on my boiler?
What is ErP?
What is Energy Labelling?
How will ErP affect me and my business?
How will ErP benefit me and my business?
Under ErP, what about systems that contain different products?
How do controls affect ErP?
As an installer, am I required to print the efficiency label? Or am I required to make a label and send it out?
Can you advise where to find and learn more on how to calculate and provide an ErP label?
What if I install a system with a programmer or other non-Worcester components? Will I still be able to use the Worcester ErP online tool?
Why is it necessary when we already have an appliance label and a home Energy Performance Certificate both of which are based on the well understood A-G scale?
Do I need a boiler, solar panels or heat pumps to heat my home?
Can I use plastic pipework on oil fired sealed central heating systems?
My new Greenstar oil boiler's flue overheat thermostat keeps tripping out
What is a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV)?
Why might I want to programme hot water times with my combi boiler?
What size oil supply pipe does an oil boiler need?
Which programmers are compatible with my gas boiler?
Can I put flue elbows straight on top of the boiler?
Do I need a standoff kit to pipe up the back of your boilers?
Why is the boiler blowing fuses?
Why is the pump running constantly on a Greenstar CDi boiler?
Where can I find the FD (serial) number on a Greenstar boiler?
Can I fit your controls to an external oil boiler?
Can I run boiler flues outside?
Does an external condensate pipe have to be insulated?
Can I use third party controls with your boilers?
Why is the controller on a combi boiler twin channel?
Do Worcester room controls have a one hour boost button?
Do I remove the link wire in the boiler when fitting a Worcester control?
Can I use Worcester controls on multiple zones?
Which connector block do I use on a Greenstar boiler when wiring a Wave smart internet connected controller?
Can I use Worcester controls with a system boiler?
I have a discontinued DT20RF. Can I still get a replacement if anything goes wrong?
How much is the Wave app?
Where is the best place to install the Wave in the home?
What happens if I lose my internet connection to Wave?
If I lose my smart phone can I still operate my heating with Wave?
Does the Wave switch between British summer and winter time automatically?
Where is my data from Wave stored?
Can I use the Wave to control more than one zone e.g. more than one heating zone?
How many smart devices can be linked to the Wave and which one does the Wave listen to?
How does a heat pump work?
With a ground source heat pump, how is energy collected from the ground?
What is CoP?
With a heat pump do I still need a boiler?
What heat delivery method gives the best results with a heat pump?
Can I keep my existing radiators with a heat pump?
Where can air conditioning units be used?
Can an air conditioning unit be used to cool the home as well as providing heat?
What refrigerant is used in Greensource air to water heat pumps?
What is the lower limit operating temperature of a Worcester air to water heat pump?
What are the key maintenance requirements for Greensource Air to Water Heat Pumps?
How should the air to water heat pump unit be sited to ensure the airflow and access it needs?
What size of cable should be used to connect the air to water heat pump to the mains electricity supply?
How cost effective are solar thermal panels?
Is there enough sunshine in the UK for solar thermal?
What is the best way to calculate how many solar thermal panels I need?
Is planning permission required for solar thermal panels?
Is there any funding available for solar thermal?
I am installing a GB162 boiler what size flue do I need to use?
Is the GB162 flue system suitable to be ran externally?
Do I have to use the GB162 pump group or can I fit my own pump on the system?
Does the Heat Interface Unit require a permanent live?
Does the Heat Interface Unit require a flue to be fitted?
Can I use a secondary return with the Greenspring water heater?
I am installing a GB162 can I used external 240vac controls to operate the boiler?
Can I use a BMS system with a 0 - 10 volt signal to control the GB162?
Can I fit your solar compatible unvented cylinder and fit solar panels at a later date?
Why has the Greenstore cylinder inlet control group changed colour? It was red but now it’s blue.
Can I use Worcester unvented cylinders on a vented system?
Can I use a secondary return with Worcester cylinders?
How many immersion heaters do you have in your cylinders?
What are the kW outputs of the coils inside Worcester cylinders?
Have you got more information on how to wire controls to your range of Greenstar gas boilers?
When will I receive my order?
What is your return policy?
I have received the wrong product, or it arrived defective or damaged
I have ordered the wrong item, wrong size, or simply changed my mind
Can I exchange my items for new ones?
How will I be booked on to a training course?
How do I re-route a condensate pipe to reduce the external run?
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
What is your return policy for items I have ordered?
Can I exchange my items for different ones?
How will I be booked on to a training course?
What happens if I forget my Greenstar Rewards account password?
What is the points system?
Which products are eligible to claim points?
Why are my points not appearing for a product I have registered?
My boiler is producing a 'gurgling' sound what could be the cause?
Is an external air break required when a condensate pipe is terminated into a rainwater downspout?
How do I know that my condensate pipe is blocked?
Do I need a chimney?
What wood should I burn?
What wood can’t I burn?
How long is my guarantee?
How do I clean my chimney?
Top tips commissioning a Greenstar Danesmoor oil boiler
Are there any eligibility requirements to apply for an apprenticeship?
Where will I be based?
Will any of my expenses, such as travel, be covered?
When should I apply for an apprenticeship?
What will happen at the end of my apprenticeship?
I have a great idea for the app, who do I talk to?
I don't want to use a particular feature of the app. Will this cause a problem?
Does my WAI/Rewards login already work with the app?
How do I give my engineers access?
How much is the EasyControl app?
How many devices can I connect to the EasyControl?
How many Smart TRVs can I connect to my heating system?
I don’t have a Worcester Bosch boiler. Can I still install a Bosch EasyControl?
What happens with the data from my EasyControl?
Can I turn the home presence detection feature off and use my set timings instead?
Can I program my hot water as well as my heating?
I already have a Wave control. Can I upgrade to an EasyControl?
Which rooms should I install the Smart TRV’s in?
How to bleed a radiator
What is the FastTrack installation service?
Which installers are eligible to become a FastTrack installer?
What happens if the customer doesn’t meet the FastTrack criteria?
How are installers selected to complete FastTrack installation jobs?
How do I set my availability?
What installation dates are shown to the customer?
How do I accept an FastTrack installation job?
What is an FastTrack survey?
How do I accept an FastTrack survey?
Who takes payment from the customer?
Does the price include VAT?
What does maximum price mean?
Who pays for the products?
Where do I purchase the products?
I’m not VAT registered. Why can’t I sign up to FastTrack installation?
How and where do I register the guarantee?
What is the guarantee length?
What is FastTrack?
How do I qualify for FastTrack?
What do I get from FastTrack?
What is included in the FastTrack service?
How long is the guarantee on an FastTrack installation?
How do I pay for my FastTrack installation?
Why have you started FastTrack?
Do I have to pay to upgrade the guarantee to 10 years?
I can't see my website registrations in the app, what should I do?
Guarantee vs Warranty
How many colours is the EasyControl available in?
If I remove EasyControl from the wall (e.g. for renovation work) how long will its settings be kept?
We’ve had a power cut. Does that affect EasyControl?
The thermostat updates automatically. Can I turn this off?
Do I have to subscribe to a service to be able to use the EasyControl?
I'm moving house and want to take my EasyControl with me. Can I install it in a new property?
How do I log out and create a personalised Bosch ID account?
How do I reset my EasyControl password?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of heat pumps?
How do I delete my app account?